The Benefits of Overflow Call Handling

Benefits of Overflow Contact Centres

The Benefits of Overflow Call Handling

27th January 2022

By Dani Lowe

No matter how big your organisation or what industry or sector it operates within, we are all susceptible to overbearingly busy periods.

Similarly, to make sure our organisations develop and grow year on year, be that a charity, company or otherwise, we have to have things in place that allow us to deal with these periods.

Should we find ourselves in these busy periods without the proper infrastructure, it simply means that big opportunities can be missed.

The natural solution to this, you would think, would be to hire more staff, though we don’t all have the luxury, or the budget to make this happen.

Another avenue to consider is to outsource overflow call handling, with a number of benefits, here we discuss exactly what this involves and why you should consider it for your operation.

What is Overflow Call Handling?

Quite simply, an overflow call handling service is there as a backup plan for you to utilise whenever you experience an influx of calls that your normal team of staff are finding difficult to manage.

Always ready when you need it the most, outsourcing overflow call handling services will ensure your customers/service users are tended to even during the busiest periods.

Enlisting a service like this helps avoid missed opportunities, keeping your brand intact while not overstretching resources.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Overflow Call Handling

Here we discuss the benefits of contact centre overflow outsourcing in more detail, explaining why it’s used and why it could be the key to unlocking a whole new level of growth for your company.

Improved Call Management

Trying to predict any organisational behaviour can be difficult, not least call volume. Depending on how much your operation relies on calls day to day will likely impact on how clearly you can see things in the future.

This may be true, however, predicting future activity is never iron clad and it’s possible that intense periods can sneak up on you. The management of your call flow is one of the key benefits to outsourcing call handling overflow  because it reduces the chance of call backs.

Call backs can cause things to spin out of control, which can cause a knock-on effect on resources and scheduling shifts. Knowing that you have a dedicated team ready to take the influx of calls, means business can run as usual.

Keeping Your People Happy

Regardless of how many employees you have, overworking them is never good. You want them to be busy of course, but there’s a fine line between having a lot to do and having too much to do.

If your call handlers start seeing the number of queued calls totting up consistently, that will start having a negative impact on the level of their output, their mental health and as a result, your company culture.

With a call handling overflow team at the ready, you’ll know that not only will your people stay happy, the people they talk to will also feel the same way. Going away from your operation with a positive experience in mind is worth its weight in gold.

There may be reservations here around whether those that make up the overflow team can provide the same level of service and information as those you employ directly. This is not the case with the Connect Assist overflow call handling teams.

Whatever the overflow scenario, our teams provide a seamless, fully immersive service to work alongside your regular team. Our highly trained call handling agents use the latest Oracle Service Cloud technology, offering the highest standards of customer service even in the busiest periods.

Elevating Your Operation

Admittedly, even when things get really busy for you and your organisation, you may be able to get through it relatively unscathed. So, the prospect of investing in an overflow call centre team may not seem necessary.

Our argument for this is, why should you just have to get through the busy periods? Why can’t you sail through them and even go as far as looking forward to the next one?

Outsourcing anything always raises questions around whether the same level of work can be produced. However, choosing to outsource overflow call handling doesn’t just alleviate pressure, it can do so much more.

Firstly, your brand reputation. Offering the highest possible customer service at any time will pay huge dividends for your credibility. Word of mouth goes a long way with customer service and being able to cope with any level of enquiries will help position you and your organisation as market leading.

Secondly, it will allow some of your resources and staff that would otherwise be under immense strain to work on other aspects of the organisation. The overall development of your operation should never be compromised by busy periods.

Lastly, taking the leap to outsource will make for a generally more streamlined, efficient and sturdy operation. Not only will it give you the time to think about where and how you want to grow in your sector without worrying about the constraints of being busy, but it will also give you reassurance of continuity of service when you’re experiencing staff shortages. Soon, those periods you thought were once overbearing will become your daily routine.

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Connect Assist Overflow Call Handling

We can’t promise that everyone’s experience of outsourcing this aspect of an organisation is worth it, but our array of success stories speak for themselves.

Working with us can unlock a whole host of potential for you, your employees, and every stakeholder you engage with. The service we provide is flexible and tailored to your operational needs, with that and only that in mind.

If you want to learn more about the intricacies of how we deal with overflow call handling solutions, talk to our team today.


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