Live Chat Operator Services

Chatbots, or digital assistants chat software are a forward-thinking way to use artificial intelligence to provide a human-centred service.

They use natural language processing to automate engagements with service users. By connecting to your back-end systems, they can provide answers to customers’ queries through text or, increasingly, voice. Providing you with seamless live chat services.


Live Chat Services
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Improve your customer experience with our chat support outsourcing services

For service users, our live chat services are a prompt and efficient way to get answers and offer a welcome alternative to waiting on hold for a call handler to become available.

For organisations, live chat outsourcing and chat software can drive business efficiencies, particularly for out-of-hours services, and enable you to reach more people and improve customer satisfaction. Managed live chat allows you to make sure your customers are supported 24 hours a day.

Our Live Chat Operator Services

A robust telephone service plays a vital part in effective customer service support, but we don’t stop there, and neither should you.

Allowing people to connect with you as soon as they experience an issue is central to ensuring your organisation is running as efficiently as possible.

Chatbots, or digital assistants, are a forward-thinking way to use artificial intelligence to provide a human-centred service.

Live chat operator services are the modern-day solution to being on hold and provide the ability to deal with high levels of inquiry, without compromising personnel capacity.

The focal point of our outsourced live chat service –  Oracle Digital Assistant – provides the tools to create a voice or text chat box that can automate answers to common queries and escalate to support staff when enquiries become more specialised.

Live Chat Services
Live Chat Services

Oracle Digital Assistant

Using our live chat operator services we build Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered chatbots on behalf of organisations using the Oracle Digital Assistant platform. Providing you with the most comprehensive live chat services to deliver excellent customer service to your customers.

Integration and machine learning

The beauty of the Oracle Digital Assistant lies in its versatility. It has the ability to operate through multiple conversational mediums such as Facebook Messenger, Amazon Echo and Google Home.

It’s ability to analyse data and improve customer service efficiency, while gaining real-time insights makes using this technology as part of your external communications strategy a must.


Why outsource your live chat?

Using a live chat service, no matter what sector you operate in, has a number of benefits to you and the people you engage with. Our managed live chat is a combination of live chat operator services with a human aspect, that is what Connect Assists’ chat operators do best.

We provide successful live chat outsourcing and live chat support to charities, private and public sector organisations, all of which reap the rewards of our service. While the organisations and success naturally vary, the benefits are universal:

  • Speeds up problem solving – instant answers. Live chat operator services are undoubtedly the quickest way to get to the bottom of those everyday queries.
  • Saves money – a single live chat agent can be in conversation with several customer simultaneously while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction, slashing your customer service costs.
  • Builds long term relationships – live chat is a personal, non-intrusive form of contact. Connect more with your supporters and their trust in you will sky-rocket.
  • Boosts credibility – visitors to your site will know that they are in the hands of real people, who are ready to help with whatever they need.
  • Happier customers – one report that analysed 56 million live chats stated that 83% of users were satisfied by their live chat experience.


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Using Our Live Chat Services

Our live chat outsourcing services, the same as the rest of what we offer, are built and designed specifically for your needs. We know that a cookie-cutter tool applicable to anyone just isn’t sufficient for you and your organisation. With that in mind we build it from the ground up, fully integrated into your operation with well trained-trained expert advisors for support.

If you think live chat outsourcing or live chat support can help boost your customer service, contact us for the next step in your organisations’ journey.

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