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365 days a year, 24 hours a day, our UK based contact centre staff provide exceptional customer service and support to enhance the personal outcomes of your customers. Meeting your business needs.

When you outsource your call centre services to us you can consider us your professional communications partner, helping you to seamlessly connect with your customers in the way they feel most comfortable – whether by phone, text, email, social media or live chat. We have the outsourced call centre services your business requires.

Our proven, helpline and digital solutions work with your business to empower you to grow your reach, build more meaningful relationships with your customers and, ultimately, make a positive difference to their lives.

“A visit to our Contact Centre and having the opportunity to see our service-delivery first hand has proved to be the most powerful experience we can offer for any prospective customer considering partnering with Connect Assist.”

Leaha James, Contact Centre Manager

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Reasons for outsourcing

Customer service, customer support & helpline management are among those areas of a company that are associated with a high level of personnel expenditure and are therefore a major cost factor. In addition to the high personnel costs, there are often additional problems such as poor quality and efficiency or a lack of capacity. One way out of this situation is to outsource your contact centre services.

Outsourcing your call centre to an external service provider has a number of advantages:

1) Well-coordinated staff with a high level of communication

2) Telephone and IT technology are state-of-the-art, no investment required

3) The contact centre can assign its employees differently in the event of peaks in calls

4) Little or no training required for employees

5) Language diversity in the contact centre for international customers & translation

Call center outsourcing can therefore be a powerful tool for reducing costs, improving service & increasing efficiency.

Our Call Centre Services

We understand and ‘live’ contact centre services built around customers. It’s for a good reason too. Since 2006, we have chosen to specialise at the ‘sharp end’ of outsourced call centre services. Every day we support hundreds of people facing severe challenges in their lives and many more simply looking for answers delivered with knowledge and empathy.

Call centre services
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24/7 Call Centre Support

As you would expect, we are open 24/7. That makes our call centres accessible through any channel that customers choose to use anytime, anywhere – whether that’s phone, email, web, social media or virtual assistants.

Our goal for clients is to reach more people, strengthen their engagement and connections with customers and boost the customer outcomes you want to achieve. Providing excellent customer service 24 hours a day for your business, is our business.

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Customer service

Our service purpose is simple: to make a difference to peoples’ lives. So delivering meaningful and attuned digital customer service for your business is at the very heart of everything we do. That goal is equally applicable to our clients as we take ownership and responsibility for the call centre services we deliver on their behalf; we act as if we are a part of their organisation. With our team of customer service experts you’re in safe hands.

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Call centre services

Helpline services

We are the UK’s leading inbound helpline call centre service. Operating dedicated call handling services on behalf of charity, third sector and public sector organisations. 

Our staff are experts in their fields and, collectively, we position ourselves as collaborative and willing to share our experience of what works and what doesn’t.  Resulting in excellent customer service for your customers.

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Overflow call centre services

If your business operates customer services in-house, you might find that call volumes sometimes exceed your capacity. This can mean that calls go unanswered, potentially leaving your clients without support.

With our call centre outsourcing services we can provide overflow services for your organisation. You can choose whether to contract us to provide back-up at set times, such as evening and weekend peaks, or whether to re-route calls to us whenever your own lines are busy our telephone answering service can help you when your business needs us most .

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Benefits, debt and money advice

Our inbound call centre services also extend to multi-channel helplines offering high-quality advice, support and signposting on benefits, debt and money issues to customers from around the UK.

Our FCA advisors can advise customer facing a wide range of financial challenges and our highly experienced benefit, debt and money advice advisors will listen and signpost customers to businesses and organisations that can help.


Befriending, guidance and emotional support

Our call centre services work on behalf of national charities, providing helplines for people experiencing mental ill health, loneliness or emotional distress.

We employ call centre agents who are professionally trained with experience, expertise and empathy to support service users. They provide solution-focused therapy sessions by phone, video and email or can refer customers to more in-depth support such as face to face appointments.

Call centre services
Call centre services

Contact centre services for deaf people

Many services only offer telephone support, meaning Deaf people currently don’t have access.

By outsourcing your contact centre services to our experts you also get this. This first of it’s kind native BSL engagement service ensures that Deaf people who use British Sign Language as their first or preferred language, can engage directly with a business or organisation. Sign Assist is available for your helpline, support line or enquiry line.

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Lone worker support

If your business employs people who work alone for more than a few hours a day, such as care workers making home visits, the Health and Safety Act 1974 (and other legislation) creates a duty of care responsibility on the employer to protect them from harm.

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Call centre services
Call centre services

Information and signposting

For many customers, help is at hand – if only they can find the right support.

Many vulnerable people can’t find or access the services that could help them. They might fall into the gaps between business service providers or misunderstand information about what is available. Our call centre services ensure customers navigate the services available to them as quickly and as easily as possible, allowing complete customer satisfaction.


Translation services

Some of the most vulnerable people in the UK are those with limited English language skills. These people find it hard to access the services they need and deserve.

More about our outsourced translation service
Call centre services
Call centre services


When people contact our helplines, we undertake a careful case assessment, taking time to listen.

This is anything but a tick-box exercise; our staff have had extensive training in questioning and listening skills to unearth the underlying challenges people may be dealing with. We call this process ‘triage’ and it is orientated towards making sure people receive the right support smoothly and effectively.


The people behind our call centres

We believe it is more important to attract people who will thrive in our culture rather than simply work in it.

Our advisors are a little different to those you might typically find in a outsourced call centre.

We welcome candidates with experience in our call centres, but place a much greater value on life experience, attitudes, skills and empathy to support customers with both professionalism and sensitivity to join our call centre outsourcing team and represent the businesses we work for. Thanks to our people, ethos, training and leadership, we overcome any short-term gaps in technical knowledge or customer service experience.

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Success Stories

As an organisation, we view success not just within the confines of own business growth but also through the success of our people, our clients and their end customers. Our philosophy is that only through their business success, can we assure our own.

There is no universal single measure of what success looks like for a client. It’s different for everyone. Some are looking to modernise their technology and contact centre services, others are looking to make a key difference in people’s lives, others look to drive efficiency.

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