Contact Centre Consultancy

We recognise that not every organisation wants or needs to commission technology or embark on contact centre projects. In fact, outsourcing might not even be a consideration for your organisation – perhaps you simply need help making operational or technology decisions.

This is where our contact centre consultancy service comes in. Drawing upon the wide contact centre expertise across our business, our lead consultants typically have over 20 years of contact centre, technology and marketing experience. And, most importantly, they advise independently.


We’ve delivered one-off projects for some of the biggest names in the charity sector. And we’ve answered questions around multi-channel service delivery, fundraising compliance, training and safeguarding, beneficiary service delivery, technology choices, in-house provisioning and much more.

Whether your goal is to modernise your service delivery, better integrate online and offline channels or secure new contracts, we’ll strive to find the most creative solution for your requirements. The end result? Wider reach, enhanced service and greater impact for everyone involved.

How we consult

Across charity, public and private sectors, we draw on our expertise in order to consult on a range of areas, from modernising service delivery models and technology to customer experience and contact centre transformation.







Contact Centre Success Stories

We view success as an organisation not just within the confines of own business growth but also through the success of our people, our clients and their end customers. Our philosophy is that only through their success, can we assure our own.

There is no universal single measure of what success looks like for a client. It’s different for everyone. Some are looking to modernise their technology and contact centre operations, others are looking to make a key difference in people’s lives, others look to drive efficiency.


Our Process



Every project is unique, but each one begins with a session to capture your vision and establish project goals.


We take the time to understand your organisation’s people, culture, challenges, resources and direction, before drawing on our experience to deliver clear, actionable recommendations.



As call centre consultants, we have the privilege of transparency and commonly unearth the big issues at hand – some cultural, some practical and some financial – but always with the goal of helping you move forward with confidence.



All projects go through internal governance before presentation to ensure our recommendations are properly scrutinised against the project’s original goals.



We don’t work to a ‘black box’ methodology – we share our findings throughout the consultancy process, which we find offers recommendations as a natural conclusion, rather than a ‘big reveal’.