About us

We’re Connect Assist, and we provide outsourced call centre services, technology and support that empowers organisations and their customers to communicate more effectively. This results in wider reach, improved service and stronger impact. It’s a human approach, enhanced by technology.


Our Services

Our tailored services allow you to connect, engage and create lasting relationships with your service users, ultimately making a difference to their lives.

Since launching back in 2006, we have helped organisations across the third and public sectors increase reach and boost ROI. Most importantly, though, our work has inspired positive change within those organisations, improving service and support for the people who need it most.

Connect Assist’s ultimate goal is to create positive outcomes for the organisations we work with and their customers. Our service is professional yet personable, methodical yet genuine, forward-thinking yet emotionally intelligent.

We’re a catalyst for change, set on shifting the stigma surrounding call centres and changing perceptions of our industry. How do we achieve that? It’s simple: by shaping communication entirely around your customers.

Multi-channel Helplines

From our offices in South Wales, we have a professional team operating multi-channel helplines 24-hours a day. Each advisor is an expert in their field, able to offer informed and empathetic advice and support.


Digital Service Delivery

We believe technology can make great things happen – so long as it’s centred around people. Our technology can support your CRM efforts, allowing you to connect, engage and build lasting relationships with your customers.



We recognise that not every organisation wants or needs to commission technology or embark on contact centre projects. In fact, outsourcing might not even be a consideration for your organisation – perhaps you simply need help making operational or technology decisions.

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If you need our help in developing more effective, meaningful connections with customers, get in touch today.