Outsourcing customer service

Our service purpose is simple: to make a difference to peoples’ lives. So delivering meaningful and attuned digital customer service and providing complete customer satisfaction is at the very heart of everything we do. That goal is equally applicable to our clients as we take ownership and responsibility for the services we deliver on their behalf; we act as if we are a part of their organisation.

Unapologetically ‘obsessive’ about brand representation, we instil in our advisors that the purpose of their work is to embody the organisations they represent making us the perfect customer servicing outsourcing provider for your business.

The challenges to customer service are increasing for businesses across all sectors. New contact channels are emerging, customer requirements change, new technologies require new systems and new knowledge. For this reason, more and more companies are considering outsourcing their customer service. As a modern day contact centre we offer customer support across a wide variety of digital channels.

Outsourced Customer Service

Immersive customer service support team

Our customer support outsourcing team do not routinely use call scripts. Instead, we pursue a more challenging path, immersing ourselves in the culture and goals of our clients and representing them as if we were a part of their organisation. Making our outsourced customer service seamlessly fit with your business needs.

The technology we use facilitates our ‘human-centred’ approach, easing customers’ interactions with us and strengthening their connection with service providers. Allowing us to provide excellent customer services, providing complete customer satisfaction for your customers no matter what industry.

Outsourced Customer Service
Outsourced Customer Service

Outsource customer service to a company you can trust

 Our Purpose

Our purpose is simple: to make a positive difference in peoples’ lives. So, delivering attuned outsourced customer services is at the heart of everything we do. Our customer service team takes ownership and responsibility for the services we deliver, as if we’re a permanent part of our client’s organisation. Customer care is our number 1 priority.

As an outsourced customer service provider, we’re unapologetically ‘obsessive’ about brand representation. Our advisors embody the organisations they represent, their tone of voice, service ethos and objectives.

Our Services

We understand that customer support services are multi-faceted . We  cover all bases for our clients so that no matter the channel, time of day or issue at hand you can have peace of mind that Connect Assist can handle it in our dedicated call center.

Call centre services

Partnering with Connect Assist ultimately means one thing – excellent customer support around the clock As the UK’s leading inbound helpline call service center, our customer service team have unique experiences in understanding customer needs and achieving positive human outcomes. Customer service calls can be handled, 24 hours a a day, 7 days a week.

Digital service delivery

An Oracle Gold partner since 2011, we are also a leading CRM configuration house. We boast the largest dedicated Oracle Service Cloud implementation team in the UK and are public sector and not-for-profit industry specialists.

We have the capability, experience and technology to transform your customers’ journey, offering cloud based, secure CRM solutions, customer portals, policy automation tools, multi-channel engagement, digital assistants, live chat services and  more.


We understand that outsourcing customer support services may not be something you’re looking for. But we can still help. Our independent consultancy service can help you make those important decisions and a roadmap to your journey. Our lead consultants have over 25 years’ cross sector experience to draw upon. With previous clients including Amnesty International, Guide Dogs and Macmillan Cancer Support you’re definitely in safe hands.

Reasons to outsource customer service

The benefits of outsourcing customer service are numerous. Great customer service can increasingly set you apart from the competition. Outsourcing your customer service can make a significant contribution to your quality. The ideal partner for this offers the perfect mix of the right people with proven experience, supplemented by the right technology.

  • Cost reduction – you save yourself high fixed costs, for example in the form of personnel costs. You don’t have to hire an additional employee to look after customer service on the phone. In addition, you do not need any extra staff for nights and weekends if you want to offer customer service 24/7 with our out of hours support services.
  • Increase in quality – The quality can be increased extremely with an external service provider. Because these providers are trained and specialists in customer service focusing on customer experience. Our call centre agents are highly trained and adaptable.
  • Time Saving – As already mentioned, you can save time by outsourcing customer service to a specialist and allowing your staff to focus on the essentials. You can use the time efficiently and leave answering the phone to the professionals.
  • Increase in effectiveness – You increase your effectiveness because you can concentrate your staff on your core competencies, such as product innovation or production, safe in the knowledge your customers are left satisfied and fulfilled.
  • Flexibility – Since we take over your phone calls and other customer service avenues, we can offer customer support when you need it most. We offer call handling overflow services for those peak customer service call times.
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Our clients love our service

Whether you’re a charity looking to increase reach via helpline services, a public sector organisation trying to strengthen call support, or in the private sector seeking cutting edge digital solutions, by outsourcing customer service to our customer service staff we tailor our services to fit your needs. But don’t take our word for it, we have plenty of success stories that vouch for us.

Why us

Our organisation is enriched by the community borne of our workforce, shared values and our differences. We recruit, retain and support people with diverse life experience not because it something that we should be seen to be doing but because it is a founding principle of Connect Assist.

All of the above culminates in a simple statement describing our employment and service purpose; to create positive human outcomes.

Looking to outsource your customer service? If you think we can help you reach the levels of customer service you’re aspiring for, please get in touch.

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