Success as an Organisation

We view success as an organisation not just within the confines of own business growth but also through the success of our people, our clients and their end customers. Our philosophy is that only through their success, can we assure our own.

Connect Assist has maintained a strong social mission since our founding in 2006:

  • Supporting positive human outcomes in the charity and public sectors.
  • Supporting business success in the private sector.
  • Creating jobs and growth opportunities for our local community.
  • A commitment to equal opportunities.
  • Protecting the environment.


Our belief in our social mission is not just because this is the ‘right thing to do’ but also to differentiate ourselves from ‘industrial’ call centre operations; adding value and using modern technologies effectively to reduce our clients’ operating costs and provide exceptional customer service.

We continue to create meaningful, full-time employment and sustainable growth opportunities for people living in the local area. We place significant value of the life experience of our Advisers and couple it with unique training focussed on creating the best outcomes for our clients’ customers

Success Stories
Success Stories

Success for our Clients

There is no universal single measure of what success looks like for a client. It’s different for everyone. Some are looking to modernise their technology and contact centre operations, others are looking to make a key difference in people’s lives, others look to drive efficiency.

Our client base is as varied as it is broad requiring Connect Assist to adapt, innovate and draw upon our experience. The size of our organisation and our privately owned status allows us to be more flexible than many other corporate organisations. For these reasons, we tend to attract the more demanding projects where the brief develops as the services grow and clients are seeking safe innovation.

For our part, we structure our client team according to our clients’ needs, drawing upon our management staff who bring the experience of not just Connect Assist to bear but experience from careers spent in customer service delivery.

Success for our Customers


If you need our help in developing more effective, meaningful connections with customers, get in touch today.