7 charity predictions for 2022: The future of philanthropy

7 charity predictions for 2022: The future of philanthropy

2nd November 2021

By Janaya Bailey

After a turbulent couple of years, you might be hoping for a bit of rest in 2022 – but the charity landscape is changing fast. 

Here are seven of our charity predictions for the next year. 

1. Hybrid is the new watchword

Last year, we predicted a huge boom in digital fundraising, working, service delivery, communications – digital everything!

That’s here to stay, but live operations are back too. This means that the future’s hybrid, i.e., the best of both worlds.

Many events will be held in person but also live-streamed and recorded, with added digital components to engage online audiences. Immersive technology such as augmented reality (AR) could even bring it all together – just take a look at ABBA’s upcoming tour to see what the future could hold! 

Behind the scenes, hybrid working will become the norm for many office workers. 

And good old charity shops are becoming increasingly hybrid, too. As Age UK’s head of retail, Nick Smith, says: 

“Looking ahead, our operation will be more tech-enabled to appeal to younger shoppers, data-driven and less reliant only on our ‘bricks and mortar’ trading as we look to develop alternative income streams and grow our multichannel operation.” 

2. Giving is becoming cashless

The days of pound coins in buckets are almost behind us. If you haven’t done so already, you need to invest in the tech for cashless donations.

Think donation buttons on your website, QR codes, tap-and-donate payments, text-to-donate, and online fundraising platforms. 

3. AI will continue to rise

During the pandemic, many charities turned to AI-powered chatbots to help them cope with the rise in queries. At Connect Assist, we love designing chatbots for clients!

But AI has much greater potential. You could be using it to analyse supporter data and tailor your fundraising and communications plans, for example. Just make sure you understand the risks, and have good AI governance plans in place. 

4. Focus on the environment

As the Covid-19 pandemic eases, we’re all more alert to the other huge threats facing our world.

Climate change, nature conservation and other environmental issues are becoming a priority for philanthropists and the public alike. 

And charities may be expected to improve their carbon accountability and move towards carbon neutrality. Are you ready for the challenge?

5. TikTok is the route to Gen Z

How’s your TikTok game? The short video platform has been downloaded two billion times worldwide in just five years, and 41% of users are aged 16-24. Therefore, clever charities are using it to reach the next generation of supporters – the British Red Cross is absolutely bossing it! (Read more about this in our post ‘The top 5 charity TikTok campaigns’.)

But before you force your trustees into a cringeworthy dance routine, remember: TikTok is all about authenticity. So get creative and light-hearted, but stay true to your charity’s spirit. 

And keep an eye on other emerging social media platforms too. We’re not making any predictions about which ones will become huge in 2022 – ask the teenagers in your life!

6. Charities need to build resilience

The pandemic caused a seismic shockwave throughout the third sector. The charities that survived or even thrived were those that adapted quickly, switching services online pretty much overnight. 

You need to build agility into your business plan in 2022. Plus, diversifying your income streams has never been more crucial: research from the Charities Aid Foundation suggests that 47% of charities are planning to do just that. 

7. Levelling up and inclusion are key

Finally, the government’s levelling up agenda aims to empower local communities to rebuild society. If your charity is at the heart of your community, it could be an exciting year ahead for you!

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