Chatbots at Calderdale Council: 70% Resolution Rate Webinar

Thanks for attending our webinar! Let me begin by saying a big thank you to Toni Kershaw for talking at our webinar last Thursday, and to all the people who attended.

On this page you’ll find a summary of the Vira project, ODA Quick Start Package and recording of the webinar.

The business case for a project like Vira is compelling with a financial payback within 12 months from go live.  This financial payback is only one consideration, maybe the improved customer service provided by a system that is available 24*7 is more important in your organisations.

We’ll be contacting you all over the next few days to get your feedback on the event and to see if you are interested in going down a similar path.


Thanks again,

Tim Burnett

Local Authority Sales Director

70% Resolution Rate – Webinar Resources
70% Resolution Rate – Webinar Resources

Meet Vira

Meet vira! When Calderdale Council wanted to build on the success of its customer services Live Chat, they worked with us on a Digital Assistant – and Vira was born…

Click to download VIRA

ODA Quick Start Package

This service delivers a digital assistant to provide an intelligent front end for your customers and to help your agents. The package includes all you need to get the Oracle Digital Assistant up and running in your organization.

Click to download Quickstart Package

70% Resolution Rate – Webinar Resources


If you missed our webinar, click below to watch the video in full.


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