Digital assistants

We build Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered chatbots on behalf of organisations using the Oracle Digital Assistant platform.

The Oracle assistant provides the tools to create a voice or text chatbot that can import FAQs to automate common enquiries, connect to your backend systems, and hand over to support staff where necessary.


Artificial Intelligence Chatbots
Artificial Intelligence Chatbots

Integration and machine learning

The Oracle digital assistant can operate through several conversational interfaces, including Facebook Messenger, Amazon Echo and Google Home, making it an easy-to-use tool for today’s service users.

Using the Oracle cloud digital assistant our chatbots collect and analyse data, using machine learning to improve the customer experience and enabling organisations to gain real-time insights for continuous improvement.

Oracle Digital Assistant

Rapid returns on AI investment

Our live chat operator service delivers a digital assistant to provide an intelligent front end for your customers and to help your agents. The package includes all you need to get the Oracle Digital Assistant up and running in your organization.

We work closely with you from the start


We work with you to identify a knowledge area in which to launch the Oracle digital assistant. We then agree the people and timescales using a template project plan. Once agreed we go into implementation.

Service Set up

The digital assistant is set up to work in your environment.


There is always a robust testing period to ensure the solution works to your requirements. You are involved at this stage and sign off all the details specified in the project plan.


Supported cut-over to production environment and Gold Support Package for on-going maintenance

Digital Assistant & Oracle Insights


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