Responding to the Covid-19 pandemic: Our best practice guide

Responding to the Covid-19 pandemic: Our best practice guide

23rd July 2020

By Ron Moody

The Covid-19 pandemic is an unprecedented crisis that has caught many businesses unawares. At Connect Assist, the vital nature of our work with vulnerable clients means that we have always taken business continuity planning very seriously.

We were prepared for a crisis, and well able to put our plans into action when the pandemic broke out. Not only have we continued to provide our advice and support services, but we even expanded them. We are proud of what we are achieving, and would like to share the key elements of our approach.Click to download the whitepaper in full

We hope this will help other organisations better prepare for and respond to future crises – including, perhaps, any second wave of Covid-19.

In the report, we discuss business continuity planning, early response, moving to home working, secure technology, supporting vulnerable clients, leadership support for staff, staying connected, employee Asistance programme and more.


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