Improving efficiency: Could Oracle Service Cloud be the solution for your charity?

Improving efficiency: Could Oracle Service Cloud be the solution for your charity?

20th January 2021

By Adam Wilkinson

We’ve seen many charities attempt to soldier-on with systems that don’t meet their needs.

With so many demands on their finances, charity CFOs can feel compelled to maintain the status quo than take a ‘step into the unknown’ in making an investment in modernising their organisation’s technology.

This is often made more challenging by a lack of knowledge of modern systems – what’s good? what will meet our needs? What’s the payback? It can feel like an ill-afforded extravagance.

In our experience, good technology choices alleviate pressures across organisations; benefits including significantly reducing administrative overheads, increasing reach, delivering attuned services based on customer needs and empowering decision making via solid reporting.

Technology should have two simple key benefits in our view – to help an organisation realise their mission and to deliver service effectively and efficiently.

We’ve been an  Oracle Service Cloud Gold partner since 2012. It wasn’t a decision we took lightly. We did (and still do) our research, reviewing competitive platforms like Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and many others. Our conclusion was that for customer service delivery organisations, especially charities, the ‘out of the box’ functionality was deeper than any other provider and met the vast majority of our customers’ needs.

Since then, we’ve delivered CRM solutions across our client base and have been the UKs largest provider of Oracle Service Cloud solutions to charities. With all that experience under our belt, what have we learnt?

Let’s take a look at how Connect Assist uses it to create solutions for charities.

What is Oracle Service Cloud?

Oracle Service Cloud brings together customer service and contact centre applications in a single, customer friendly platform. All your customer / case file data is (securely) in one place.

Oracle Service Cloud

Simple to use, it provides comprehensive tools to manage customer services, case files, web interactions, social media, forms and applications and all from a single hub. The reporting is flexible, with insights and analyses empowering the customers voice in decision making.

As digital service delivery becomes the key way to increase reach at less cost, Oracle Service Cloud makes it easy for charity to meet today’s challenges and manage data effectively.

Boosting productivity

In smaller charities particularly (but not exclusively), we often find that when one key member of staff goes on holiday or leaves nobody else can access their data or understand the relevant software.

‘Knowledge is power’ – a cliché perhaps but if that knowledge is confined to an individual it can leverage a lot of negatives.

boosting productivity


But if you’re all using the same hub, you can wave goodbye to such bottlenecks. Your charity becomes more agile, your operations smoother, and the services you offer your clients faster and more useful.

…and that’s a point trustees and funders won’t argue with.

Enhancing security

The risk of a cyberattack on charities is increasing. In particular, the shift to home working prompted by the Covid-19 pandemic has made organisations more vulnerable.

And by using several different software solutions, you increase the number of weaknesses that cybercriminals can exploit.

With cybercrime forecast to cost companies worldwide $6 trillion in 2021, these are risks you cannot afford to ignore.

Oracle Service Cloud is used globally by all sorts of organisations and has adopted   security-first architectural principles.

It massively reduces the risks to your organisation, helping to protect your charity’s sensitive data from attacks such as phishing, malware and ransomware.


Book a demo and see Oracle Service cloud in action

Connect Assist is Oracle’s chosen partner for the charity sector. Our status enables us to offer benefits to our clients over and above those organisations which simply host or use Oracle.

We are in the fortunate position of having Oracle’s ear in terms of development emphasis, and also having access to their plans for functionality development.

We’d love to show you just what this platform can do, and how we can tailor it to your charity’s needs.

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