Five9 Call Centre Software

Five9 contact centre solutions is a user-friendly cloud-based multichannel Communications Platform used across our contact centres. It is a modern, cutting edge system built for large scale customer service operations and integrates fully with our Customer Relationship Management software.

Five9 telephony provides advisors with ‘pop-up’ screens showing the interaction history of each person across the communication channels used. This provides an easily viewable reference for every customer interaction, enabling advisors to get a full picture of the customer’s contact history, circumstances and interventions.

From the standpoint of efficiency, this also minimises data capture repetition and allows them to effectively offer support without lengthy preliminary conversations .

The Five9 software automatically routes calls to the right advisor based on their skills profile, minimising waiting times for customers and improving efficiency for organisations. Urgent calls are flagged, enabling advisors to respond quickly.

All interactions are logged automatically into Oracle, improving record-keeping and driving your ability to deliver great, effective support and customer service.

Five9 Contact Centre


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