Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council

Collaborative working to drive service efficiency and cost savings from a single CRM system

Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council

17th September 2019

The impact

  • Web payments solution / significant reducing administration
  • Customers can choose how and when they communicate
  • Efficiency driven by Customer service delivered from a single CRM system


The delivery

  • Multi-channel CRM (Oracle Local Government Cloud Cloud)
  • Integrated agent telephone & web chat channels
  • Maps integration
  • Payment functions across digital forms


The solution today

Following configuration, the solution was deployed by Council staff with support from Connect Assist.

By training Council staff  to become ‘super users’, we have given them the skills to become self-sufficient and make tactical decisions to adapt the functionality based on local needs.


How we delivered it

Solihull Council wanted to perform much of the implementation work themselves. We supplied key solution components and consultancy to their projects. Having developed their in-house skills, they then devolved more of the configuration of the system to the contact centre staff.


Looking forward

We continue to work with the Solihull Council on new initiatives to further automate processes, train staff and reduce costs.

Innovative enhancements that Soihull are considering for the immediate future include the implementation of artificial intelligence ‘chat bot’ technology and the use of Oracle Policy Automation to transform their customer forms processing.