Guide Dogs

Strategy planning to explore options for the future of customer care and service delivery

Guide Dogs

17th September 2019

Reasons we were needed

To undertake a full review of Guide Dogs’ service offering, structure and facilities to provide advice on options for the design of a new centralised advice line specifically resource requirements, indicative costs, benefits, risks and issues.

What was done

The goal of the project was to explore how well the current operating model could support an ambitious 5-year plan that seeks to significantly increase the reach of Guide Dogs.

Against a diverse skill base and established organisational structure, we explored a range of operating models to establish their merits and weaknesses – both operational and commercial. Our discovery phase gathered viewpoints from across the organisation through, interviewing directors, departmental managers and customer service staff in different functional areas.

In the analysis phase, these insights were combined with statistical modelling of inbound enquiries to provide options and recommendations.


A comprehensive recommendations report providing analysis on local, regional and national operating models delivered as in house or out-source options.

In addition, a supporting technology road map covering topics from CRM, communications platform, network and security considerations to contact centre equipment, staff recruiting and policy development to assist an in-house delivery project.



“As we plan the shape of our future services we are both ambitious and determined.

Our goals require careful choices to be made, considered against both the benefits and potential impacts to our organisation, stakeholders and brand. Connect Assist delivered thoroughness in their work, an ability to listen as much as recommend and a genuine desire to find the right solution for us.

The reports have given us a significant step-forward in our planning considerations and a strong basis on which to move our strategy forward.”

-Kirstie Bower, Service Director, Skills, Information and Support