City of Edinburgh Council

Digital customer service transformation at its best; leveraging technology to deliver a 40% channel shift

City of Edinburgh Council

17th September 2019

By Gwen Collingridge


The City of Edinburgh Council began a transformation programme to progressively and continuously leverage advanced technology to improve services, and ultimately improve customer journeys and experience.

Challenges faced

  • Poor online uptake from customers
  • High volume of transactions
  • Continuous Service Delivery despite new service deployment
  • No central database – if a caller was transferred to a different department they would need to repeat themselves again


Solution overview

Connect Assist was selected as a key supplier in the team, working to implement the Council’s new electronic service delivery platform based on the Oracle Service Cloud.

Services included Connect Assist unique Local Authority Pack as part of the Oracle Service Cloud implementation.

Neil Dumbleton, Enterprise Architect at the Council, explained the reason that Connect Assist was selected: “Connect Assist was selected because it has specialist skills, knowledge, expertise and technology to help us design, configure and deploy the solution in a very agile and cost effective way. The flexibility, positivity and knowledge provided by CA from the start gave us comfort that CA were the right choice to work on this very high profile project.”


  • 20% channel shift within 1 month of online implementation
  • 40% channel shift within 3 months of online implementation
  • Web and mobile transactions reached 75,000 within 3 months
  • MyAccount functionality allowing customers to view all council interactions
  • Continuous experience regardless of device