Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council

Delivering digitisation of customer services and artificial intelligence along a business change pathway

Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council

17th September 2019

The impact

  • Made customer self-service a reality
  • Reduced resource sapping, repetitive tasks for council staff so they can concentrate their skills on what’s important
  • Customer service expanded across social and digital channels

Our delivery

  • Multi-channel CRM (Oracle Local Government Cloud Cloud)
  • Re-created and automated complex forms
  • Integrated web-chat into back-office administrative systems
  • Virtual assistant Maps integration

The solution today

  • A multi-channel CRM deployed widely across the council’s business units.
  • Increasing automation of administrative overhead to maximise agent availability whilst reducing cost overheads
  • A long term change roadmap jointly created through collaboration. 


Looking forward

Calderdale council started with implementing web chat and then expanded their use of the Oracle Local Government Cloud to cover many phone, web form, web chat processes.

We continue to work with Calderdale Council to a change programme planned for delivery over the next few years.

“The implementation was first class. It was very cost effective, was delivered on time and on-budget. The effort that the team put into this project was exemplary.”

– John Heron, ICT Project Manager, Calderdale Council