Argyll and Bute Council

Driving efficiency through the transformation of their customer services platform

Argyll and Bute Council

17th September 2019

The impact

  • 30% increase in customer self-service
  • Substantial savings in council overheads
  • Consolidation of 9 separate systems into one (in 6 months)
  • Customer service expanded across social and digital channels



• Multi-channel CRM (Oracle Local Government Cloud Cloud)
• Artificial Intelligence question & answer Chatbot
• On-line knowledge base
• Enhanced and feature-rich customer service system

The solution today

• A multi-channel CRM has replaced the existing customer service platform and nine related systems
• The new platform brings together customer service interactions across telephone, phone, face to face meetings, web forms, social media and web based communication.
• An on-line, easy to maintain knowledge base that supports both customers and Council staff

How we delivered it

The Oracle Local Government Cloud is a suite of tools built specifically for Councils available only through Connect Assist. With each project, the tools are configured to the needs of the Council client. This simplifies solution creation and change management, reduces implementation timescales and provides the reassurance of tried and tested software from a leading global provider.

The contract was delivered through a team comprising of both Connect Assist and Council staff. Replacing the existing Verint system against challenging timescales, the entire system was replaced within six months by the combined team.

Following delivery if the Smart Assistant feature, subsequent enhancements added the intelligent knowledge base to guide council staff and customers and an artificial intelligence system to answer on-line questions about Council Tax.


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