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Amnesty International UK

17th September 2019

Reasons we were needed

The AIUK Supporter Care Team represent a key link between Amnesty International and a wide range of stakeholders.

Daily work involves a wide range of competing tasks including supporter administration, support to internal departments, advocacy for the work of Amnesty International and donation processing.

Importantly, amongst routine tasks, calls can be received from people under real or perceived persecution raising an important requirement to ensure staff are both prepared and duly safeguarded.

What was done

Our starting point was to undertake in depth interviews with all the members of the Supporter Care Team to explore their experience and perceptions of their role. We also sought viewpoints from the wider departmental and management community with whom they worked daily.

Workflow data was slim so we undertook a time and motion study to identify workloads, priorities and then validated our findings with the team. Importantly we also sought the views of AIUK’s supporters by creating an online survey and asking for their views on a wide range of subjects from service priorities to digital information.


Our report offered an evidence-based review of workload distribution and made staffing and leadership recommendations. The supporter survey was very well supported so providing a further basis on which to make recommendations around customer expectations, service level goals and the type of work the supporters felt was of most value.

It was clear that the supporters valued the personal service delivered by the team and set clear expectations around service delivery. The report also identified areas of safeguarding risk that could be mitigated through additional staff training.


AIUK have recruited a team leader to support their staff in day to day service delivery and working alongside Connect Assist’s safeguarding specialists delivered a personalised training program to support and protect their staff.


“Working with the Connect Assist consultancy team was a very positive experience. Lovely to work with, they listened to our challenges and applied their expertise to our goals.

There were cost implications around some of their recommendations so they took great trouble to build an evidence- based approach that provided reassurance to our leadership team. The supporter survey was a particularly successful.

It was really well put together such that the participation rate was excellent and gave us a great deal of insight into our supporters needs and their views on service levels. The staff safeguarding training was also excellent and accompanied by materials that allow us to run the course ourselves.”

– Niall Couper, Head of Media, PR & Supporter Comms


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