Tim Burnett

Tim Burnett

Director of Local Government

Working in management consultancy at Accenture, and implementing solutions for utilities, energy and local government at Oracle, fired up Tim’s thirst for adventure, which led him to setting up his own business.

Tim ran Connection Point Technology for ten years, before it merged with Connect Assist in 2017. His role now takes him across the country, where he helps local governments juggle rising demand with dwindling budgets.

Tim loves meeting new people and is constantly learning in order to provide effective solutions for local, as well as nationwide, challenges.

The main attraction of Connect Assist, says Tim, is its ethos as an organisation which grew from being a social business. The employees embody this ethos to this day, as is evident by the amount of charity work undertaken out of hours.

Any spare time Tim has is spent in his garden, though he’d much rather be found on the sea or a tennis court!

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