Rebecca Martin

Rebecca Martin

Recruitment Manager

 Rebecca has a BA Hons in Business and Law, which helped her develop her interest in employment law and human resources. She is a passionate recruiter, with 12 years of experience before joining Connect Assist. She’s also worked in contact centre management and training within the financial services sector, giving her expertise in GDPR and other regulations and standards, as well as insights into the challenges faced by Connect Assist staff.

On a day-to-day level, Rebecca says: “I spend my time identifying and engaging with our next wave of talent, whether this is existing employees who have the skills and determination to progress to our next generation of leaders, managing the resource requirements for setting up brand new contact centres with new clients, or finding external talent to bring in and strengthen our existing team. It’s all about the people!”

She also spends time building internal relationships so she can better understand the requirements of each team. “I get to find people to fit jobs that really matter, where every individual has the capacity to directly impact a person’s well-being in the most positive of ways, often when they need it most. That’s not something you can get working with just any company.”

Rebecca says she loves, “the people and the ethos of the business. This company genuinely cares and has good people – that’s what makes Connect Assist special.”

Outside work, Rebecca and her husband are kept busy by their five-year-old child, and spend a lot of time trying to understand Minecraft, perfecting their Blue Peter arts and crafts skills, or crabbing on the beach. She loves to socialise, and lives for weekends away and holidays abroad.

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