Ross Yarton

Ross Yarton

Operations MI Analyst

Ross was a Database Manager for agencies for 22 years before making a natural move into analytics because that’s “where the story is”. 

Now, at Connect Assist, he describes his role as finding answers to the question, “What’s happening here then?”. He says reporting is an art form: “It’s got to look good, it’s got to be easy to read, but above all, it’s got to tell the story of what’s happening.” One thing he won’t report on, though, is how many cups of tea he drinks each day in the office.

Ross loves working in an environment that encourages an increase in knowledge, and says that finding creative ways to answer pertinent questions is the highlight of his day. He enjoys learning new code and functions, and says that working with like-minded people is a bonus. Oh, and the number of cups of tea he drinks per day is actually six.

When he’s not at work, you can find him driving as fast as is legal around the curviest back roads of Wales. 

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