Naomi Barford

Naomi Barford

Senior Business Analyst

Naomi’s degree and Master’s in Medieval History made her well placed to move to a career in IT! She met her future boss on a bus and ended up working for him for eight years, covering the majority of central government departments in a variety of account management, service management and training roles. She then moved to a charity that provided technology for other charities, before landing at Connect Assist. 

Naomi’s job is varied, with no such thing as a typical day. She ensures that the needs of customers, development teams and the contact centre are all recorded accurately and taken into account when designing solutions and building technology. She works with a wide range of Connect Assist staff and customers to create a requirements document which forms the basis for project work – so it’s important that the customer and development teams are happy with it. 

She says: “I love the fact that I am working in an environment that genuinely helps people and changes their lives. Even though I am not answering calls, I love that I am contributing to services that are there when people are at their most vulnerable or most challenged, and that make a real difference.”  

You’ll find Naomi outside work at the cinema or a bookshop: “Anywhere with access to a good story!”


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