Benjamin Lee

Benjamin Lee

Contract Manager

After a brief stint at university and four years working in security, Benjamin decided it was time for a fresh challenge and made the move to Connect Assist.

Each day is different, so being able to adapt is key to Ben’s role. One day he’s compiling monthly reports, honing customer comms and managing team leaders, the next he’s overseeing our Serco JFS and Sign Assist services, making sure everything’s running glitch-free. He excels in our fast-paced environment and is looking forward to taking on more responsibilities in the future.

Being from the Valleys himself, Benjamin was inspired to join us due to our commitment to providing jobs to local people. Add to that the opportunity for personal development and potential to grow and thrive in his role.

According to Benjamin, the best thing about working for Connect Assist are the people. “The company really does have the best team in the world.” We couldn’t agree more!

An avid football supporter, you’d find Benjamin in the stadiums of local clubs prior to Covid – and hopefully it won’t be long until he’s back there. He fancies himself a bit of a funny man too, having taken the stage numerous times during stand-up gigs.

He’s even into wrestling – but purely as a spectator! “I find having some form of escapism helps keep balanced and motivated,” Benjamin says.

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