Our Approach

Fundamentally, our approach is collaborative; we don’t expect our customers to have all the answers, only a willingness to actively participate in creating the solution and to offer a vision for what they want to achieve. We can provide all the necessary technical, management and operational expertise needed, culminating in a clear specification (written in English, not jargon) describing the services, how they’ll work and what they’ll achieve for you and your customers.

Naturally, there will be contractual and service level agreements too, but we have straightforward standard contract documents that can be used and will help you decide on points like opening hours, response turnaround and other deliverables.

Our Approach

Contact Centre

While all projects require a combination of technology and human skill, our contact centre’s ultimate goal is to ensure that customers’ needs are met. We need to be available when customers need us, via their channel of choice, speaking to an advisor who has the communication skills, knowledge and resources to help.

We’ll talk inbound volumes, multi-channel communications and messaging, but see these mainly as preparatory technicalities. We have the experience in supporting infrastructure to provide for the simplest or most complex services on a 24/7/365 basis.

Our entire focus is to ensure that we deliver a meaningful and supportive service to customers. As far as our services are concerned, our advisors and supporting management staff aim to be entirely invisible to your customers, embodying your brand, your values and your mission. To this end, we place an enormous emphasis on advisor training, ongoing quality assurance and continuous improvement to ensure that not only are the right processes in place, but that we represent your organisation entirely faithfully.

We expect services to evolve over time, embracing new initiatives, new technologies and goals. With Connect Assist, you’ll find a team that thrives on both the challenges and opportunities.


Digital Service Delivery

Our solutions delivery team comprises of business analysts, solution consultants, project managers and developers – a wide skill base designed to support our customers’ vision. Our job is to ensure that interfaces with customers, advisors and third party systems is seamless, supportive, intuitive and lends itself to good outcomes.

Our team is both qualified and accredited, meaning that they bring both the creative and technical skills to projects to design best-fit solutions. Drawing upon the wide experience of many public, private and third sector services, they bring knowledge to any project and can be relied upon to add value to a system’s design.

It all starts with ‘Discovery’ – the collaborative process of working with customers to understand their vision for the service, communication channels, inputs and outputs. This culminates in a written ‘functional specification’ presented to customers for their approval, before the ‘technical specification’ is written and supplied to our Development team. System and user acceptance processes follow, with a final approval before live date, after which we follow a change management process for any subsequent service developments or amendments.

While we like to stick to the business process and key stages, we also like to be flexible, working with customers to agree an approach that serves the project goals and timings best.

Our Approach


We recognise that not everyone is at the stage of commissioning technology or contact centre projects. In fact, outsourcing may not even be a consideration or a customer might be struggling with operational or technology decisions. This is where our Consultancy service can help. Drawing upon the wide expertise available across our business, our lead consultants typically have 20 years’ contact centre, technology and marketing experience. Importantly, they advise independently.

We’ve delivered one-off projects for some of the biggest names in the charity sector, answering complex questions around multi-channel service delivery, fundraising compliance, beneficiary service delivery, technology choices, procurement, training & safeguarding, target market expansion and in-house provisioning.

Each project is unique but always starts with a vision session to establish the project goals. We gather evidence from around the customer organisation, taking time to understand the people, culture, challenges, resources and direction before combining it with our experience and delivering clear, actionable recommendations.

As consultants, we have the privilege of transparency and commonly unearth the big issues at hand – some cultural, some practical, some financial – but always with the goal of helping our host organisation move forward with confidence. All our projects go through internal governance before presentation to ensure our recommendations are properly scrutinised against the project’s original goals.

Finally, we don’t work to a ‘black box’ methodology – we share our findings throughout the consultancy process which we find offers recommendations as a natural conclusion, rather than a ‘big reveal’.

Our Approach


If you need our help in developing more effective, meaningful connections with customers, get in touch today.