Local Government Community Offer

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During the Covid-19 pandemic, digital channels are really coming into their own, providing a lifeline for many service users. 

Conversational interfaces are quickly becoming the new normal.

For service users, they are a prompt and efficient way to get answers and offer a welcome alternative to waiting on hold for a call handler to become available.

For organisations, they can drive business efficiencies, particularly for out-of-hours services, and enable you to reach more people and improve customer satisfaction.

We’ve come up with a community based offer. A three month free trial allowing you to download answers that have already been compiled from the community at no charge. Just a few tweaks and you’ll be ready to go.

Local Government  Community Offer

Community offer

To help through the coming months

  • A free subscription for 3 months
  • Community questions
  • Rapid implementation

We can get you up and running quickly, with a system that can help with handling incoming calls about your facilities and services, directly help the community.

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Meet Vira

When Calderdale Council wanted to build on the success of its customer services Live Chat, they worked with us on a Digital Assistant – and Vira was born…

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Local Government  Community Offer


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