Digital Assistants

During the Covid-19 pandemic, digital channels are really coming into their own, providing a lifeline for many service users. 

Conversational interfaces are quickly becoming the new normal.

For service users, they are a prompt and efficient way to get answers and offer a welcome alternative to waiting on hold for a call handler to become available.

For organisations, they can drive business efficiencies, particularly for out-of-hours services, and enable you to reach more people and improve customer satisfaction.

To achieve these benefits, the implementation has to be sensitive to each different channel and type of customer interaction.

At Connect Assist we build AI-powered voice or text chatbots using the Oracle Digital Assistant platform.

This provides the tools to import FAQs to automate common enquiries, connect to your backend systems and, crucially, hand over to support staff where necessary.

One of our clients, Calderdale Council have achieved an 88% automated answer rate when responding to residents questions about services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This page gives some practical examples, case studies and also a recording of a webinar held back in March with six different examples of conversational interfaces via smart speaker, Facebook messenger and web chat.

Digital Assistants

Meet Vira

When Calderdale Council wanted to build on the success of its customer services Live Chat, they worked with us on a Digital Assistant – and Vira was born…

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Quickstart package offer

This service delivers a digital assistant to provide an intelligent front end for your customers and to further support your agents. The package includes all you need to get up and running rapidly in your organisation.

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Digital Assistants
Digital Assistants


If you missed our webinar that included demos of our digital assistant, click below to watch in full.

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