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365 days a year, 24 hours a day, our contact centre staff provide exceptional service and support to enhance the personal outcomes of your customers.

Consider us your professional communications partner, helping you to seamlessly connect with your customers in the way they feel most comfortable – whether by phone, text, email, social media or live chat.

Our proven, helpline and digital solutions will empower you to grow your reach, build more meaningful relationships with your customers and, ultimately, make a positive difference to their lives.

“A visit to our Contact Centre and having the opportunity to see our service-delivery first hand has proved to be the most powerful experience we can offer for any prospective customer considering partnering with Connect Assist.”

Leaha James, Contact Centre Manager

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Our Process

Contact Centres


We’ll work with you to grasp the niches of your business so we can embody your brand, your values and your mission.


We tap into our technical, managerial and operational expertise to create a clear and concise strategy describing how our outsourced contact centre services will work and what they will achieve for your customers.

Contact Centres


An extension of your support team, we promise to provide exceptional, round-the-clock service and support to your customers in our shared mission to improve personal outcomes.


We embrace change, adopting new technologies and initiatives that enable us to continually improve our services, while representing your organisation entirely faithfully.

Centre Sectors

Contact Centres


We understand charities – their goals, aspirations, challenges and commitment to their beneficiaries.

Having been engaged in charity and third-sector service delivery since 2006, we’ve built upon our successes, training and recruitment techniques to offer all of our collective experience to our customers.

We value life experience, emotional intelligence and empathy above customer service experience when recruiting our staff and support them to acquire formal qualifications. Our contact centre advisors are of the highest calibre, motivated to make a positive difference to people’s lives and often helping them through the most challenging of circumstances.


Our public sector work resonates with the skills we have acquired through our service delivery on behalf of charities. We work in adult social care, occupational health and (extensively) in mental health, delivering services underpinned by the goal of creating positive customer experiences and outcomes.

Our public sector work is as varied as it is rewarding. We also specialise in providing complex transactional customer services, including grant management and lone worker support services.

Contact Centres
Contact Centres


Our contact centre services harness the power of our CRM solutions to bring together a powerful proposition of customer service with multi-channel communications.

We work with customers seeking genuine partnerships, adding value to the customer experience and building strong relationships.

Our solution delivery and operational delivery teams work together to deliver customer services supported with cutting-edge technology. Our ability to integrate these into seamless and efficient services is at the heart of why our private sector customers choose to work with us.


Our contact centre services support a wide range of functions within the health sector, from mental health services – where we offer emotional support, coaching and counselling – to complaints management and whistleblowing services that increase transparency and drive up industry standards.

We also provide administrative services that boost the efficiency of transfers of care between multi-stakeholder care paths.

Contact Centres
Contact Centres


Success Stories

We view success as an organisation not just within the confines of own business growth but also through the success of our people, our clients and their end customers. Our philosophy is that only through their success, can we assure our own.

There is no universal single measure of what success looks like for a client. It’s different for everyone. Some are looking to modernise their technology and contact centre operations, others are looking to make a key difference in people’s lives, others look to drive efficiency.

Contact Centres


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