Telephone Triage Services

When people contact our helplines, we undertake a careful case assessment, taking time to listen.

This is anything but a tick-box exercise; our staff have had extensive training in questioning and listening skills to unearth the underlying challenges people may be dealing with.

We call this process ‘triage’ and it is orientated towards making sure people receive the right support smoothly and effectively.


Telephone Triage Services
Telephone Triage Services

Expertise When It’s Needed Most

When people contact our helplines, we provide over-the-phone triage for any area. Triage is a referral service; after undertaking a careful assessment of the customer’s circumstances, we decide whether to triage back to the organisation we work for, or to a third party site.

For us, telephone triage is all about providing the customer with the best possible outcomes.

Mental health triage

We employ qualified mental health professionals to carry out assessments in accordance with policies and regulations agreed with the service providers.

Our advisors use their training and expertise to establish a customer’s needs, connect them with an appropriate advisor, or refer them for support from suitable services, such as counselling.

Telephone Triage Services


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