What CRM System is the Best Fit For You?

What CRM System is the Best Fit For You?

30th March 2022

By Adam Wilkinson

Bewildered by business software? Confused by CX and other tech jargon? Don’t panic!

At Connect Assist, we love using the latest tech to help organisations achieve their goals. So, we’ve put together this quick guide to the often mystifying world of customer relationship management (CRM) systems, what makes a good CRM, how to choose a CRM and how they can be configured to benefit your organisation.

CRM: The Basics

Customer relationship management systems are designed to help you deliver the very best customer experience (CX). 

They track customers’ journeys with your organisation, enable joined-up reporting between different teams and outsourced partners, and analyse the data so your organisation can raise its game. These elements are at the heart of what makes a good CRM system. 

They’re an essential component of digital delivery, and link with all sorts of other great software such as knowledge bases and payment systems. These days, many are Cloud-based – essential for remote yet secure working. When considering what to look for in a CRM system, this is definitely something to consider in the current climate.

Each CRM system will be configured to suit an organisation’s particular needs. There are three different approaches but, in practice, your CRM system will be a hybrid of all of them, with an emphasis on certain elements. 

So, if you’re wondering what to look for in a CRM system that suits your operation, let’s take a look at each approach in turn. 

Although the following approaches aren’t mutually exclusive, we find that explaining them in this way helps customers keep their main priorities front of mine during initial set-up.


Ever dealt with a customer who’s annoyed by having to provide the same information to three different teams in your organisation? Or perhaps you’ve been unable to help them because only Jane from Customer Services knows the relevant password and she’s on holiday?

Your CRM system helps to break down silos. It enables all teams to access up-to-date customer data, no matter which department they work in, or which channel a customer has used. A huge relief all round.

CRM systems that are configured in this way are all about tracking interactions and managing different channels, so the focus is on customer retention rather than sales or marketing. However, all your teams can benefit – that’s the point!

Operational CRM

Are your customers coming to your website – then leaving before they’ve completed their purchase or found answers for their queries? Or do you struggle to retain supporters or customers after the initial contact?

CRM systems that are configured with an emphasis on operations will smooth and streamline your systems, so you can provide customers with seamless journeys across multiple touchpoints. With many services automated, your advisors are freed up for work that requires a more human touch. 

Such an approach helps you learn more about how your customers are coming to you, and enables you to make their journeys more efficient and productive. 

Analytical CRM

Seeking ways to improve your systems, or the services you provide? You’ve probably got a wealth of data at your fingertips – if only you had the capacity to analyse it…

Your CRM system provides tools to mine and process customer data. You can use it to glean insights that will help you boost sales, retain customers, deepen engagement – whatever you need to make your organisation the best it can be.

CRM configurations with an emphasis on analytics are geared towards developing strategy. They help you identify weaknesses, e.g. the most frequent customer complaints, and build on strengths, e.g. which marketing campaigns generate the most leads. Armed with that info, you’re ready for action!

CRMs for Contact Centres

For busy contact centres, with numerous agents handling countless customers through multiple channels, a solid CRM is vital. 

That’s why at Connect Assist, we use only the very best. We are an Oracle Gold Partner and a leading CRM configuration house, bringing together all the digital services your contact centre needs. 

Drop us a line to chat through your CRM options, and discover how we can help you deliver exceptional CX. 



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