Transferable skills in a contact centre environment

Transferable skills in a contact centre environment

19th October 2021

By Leaha James

Many of us are brimming with great skills that recruiters love – but we don’t always realise it!

In contact centres, human qualities are more important than helpline experience. And by working as a helpline advisor, you’ll hone skills that are sought-after in a wide range of other sectors too. 

Let’s take a quick look at some of the skills contact centre recruiters are seeking. And if you recognise any of them in yourself, we’d love to hear from you.

5 Transferable Skills Mastered at Contact Centres

1. Emotional intelligence (EQ) and empathy

How are you at perceiving, managing, evaluating and expressing your emotions? And what about picking up on other people’s feelings and responding accordingly?

If you’re an emotionally intelligent person, you may not recognise how special this quality is – in fact, some psychologists say it’s more important than IQ. 

Our helpline advisors have emotional intelligence in abundance, allowing them to interpret callers’ feelings and respond with empathy. A stint as an advisor is a great springboard to lots of careers where EQ is a highly prized quality, should you consider a future career change from call centres. 

2. Effective communication and active listening

We don’t want our advisors just to dispense advice – we could programme computers to do that!

Instead, we want people who can really focus on what callers are saying, picking up on verbal and non-verbal cues to get to the heart of a problem. That’s called active listening.

Plus, we want people who can communicate information accurately, using the right language and tone of voice, so the caller takes the message on board.

Effective communication, active listening and customer service transferable skills are highly valued for any public-facing or management role, and you’ll get loads of practice in a call centre environment. You might even find your next step up is with us, as we like our team leaders to have experience of working as advisors. 

3. Problem-solving, collaboration and teamwork

As an advisor, you never know what call’s coming next. You have to think on your feet to provide callers with the very best support.  Don’t worry, though – you get training, great tech, and detailed knowledge bases to guide you. 

And your team is always there to help you puzzle out the really tricky queries. After all, you’ll do the same for them. So, if you’re in an interview in a couple of years’ time and you’re asked to describe a scenario where you worked in a team to solve problems, you’ll be bursting with brilliant examples!

4. Technical skills

We’ve got fantastic tech at Connect Assist: we’re an Oracle Gold partner, and the systems our advisors use are the best in the business. We believe that technology makes great things happen – but only if it’s centred around humans. 

So we don’t mind if you’re a tech-novice: it’s your human qualities that matter to us. All our tech is intuitive to use, and our training will turn you into a computer whizz in no time.

And if you later decide you want to develop your career in a different direction, you’ll find your digital skills are very attractive in today’s job market. 

5. Resilience

There’s no denying that helpline work can be emotionally draining: you could be dealing with people in great distress, or who are mentally unwell. You need to stay strong for them – and for yourself. 

But you won’t do so alone, as your team leader and colleagues are there to help, and counselling is available too. We don’t just hang you out to dry!

If you learn how to handle desperate or even abusive calls with compassion and clarity, then future employers will be very interested indeed. 

Or we might well promote you ourselves, like we’ve done for former security guard Ben Lee. He demonstrated such great EQ and resilience as an advisor for our Combat Stress helpline that we’ve now made him a Contract Manager.

So, take your first step to an exciting career by looking at our vacancies, or drop us a line to see if there’s an opportunity for you. We’d love to hear from you!


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