Technical innovations help Calderdale Council transform their customer experience

Technical innovations help Calderdale Council transform their customer experience

4th October 2023

By Connect Assist

Calderdale Council has been working with Connect Assist for the last five years, and when the pandemic presented new challenges for the Council, Connect Assist were on hand to support them.  

When the decision was taken to temporarily close their Leisure Centre in line with government advice, the Council’s solution was found using Connect Assist’s Digital Assistant, which employs AI learning – enabling the creation of a voice or text chatbot to automate common enquiries on the client’s website, and direct customers to support staff where necessary. 

In this instance, the necessary configuration to answer these questions through Digital Assistant was completed within a few short hours. 

As a result, 88% of web chat enquiries were answered by Digital Assistant, with the balance of enquiries escalated to an advisor. Calderdale Council has since used this tool to respond effectively to waste site closures, changes to the garden waste service and delivery of waste containers. 

Connect Assist’s technical innovations were also able to transform the user experience for Calderdale’s customers. When the Council later needed to increase efficiency when dealing with volumes of enquiries reporting defective streetlighting, the team developed a solution to optimise staff resource and improve overall customer experience.  

The Intelligent Advisor tool gives customers access to an interactive map of their area, allowing them to quickly alert the Council’s customer service team to a faulty streetlight and receive real-time updates on the progress of their complaint. 

The tool also includes a feature to indicate that a complaint has already been logged, avoiding duplication of reported issues, and providing customers with real-time updates which eliminates the need to contact the Council to follow up on their request. 

Toni Kershaw, Customer Access Manager at Calderdale Council explained: “Citizens and users of our services rightly expect a user experience from their council to be as simple, intuitive, and quick as other services they use. Connect Assist’s bespoke tool for customers reporting street lighting defects has helped reduce demand without compromising outcomes.” 

By investing in sophisticated digital delivery services and CRM solutions, Connect Assist are empowering organisations like Calderdale Council to seamlessly connect with their people, enabling teams to support more customers at once. 

Connect Assist provide outsourced multi-channel helpline services to public sector, charity and socially focused organisations. Through innovation and a uniquely human-focused approach, Connect Assist provide their clients with high-quality services that have a positive impact on thousands of lives every day. 


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