Six ideas for your Christmas charity campaign

Six ideas for your Christmas charity campaign

15th December 2021

By Gwen Collingridge

We’ve got the decorations up already at the Connect Assist office!

But behind the Christmas merriment, there are serious messages to convey during the season of goodwill. And there’s serious money to be raised as well.

With that in mind, we’ve put together six ideas for Christmas charity campaigns, ranging from the fun to the practical to the emotive. We’d love you to share yours too!

1. Christmas clutter clear-outs

Whether we want room for more gifts or a fresh start to 2022, a Christmas clutter clear-out is on many of our to-do lists. So why not boost supporters’ motivation by asking them to raise money for you at the same time?

They could donate unwanted items to your shops; sell them online and give the proceeds to your charity; or get their kids to raise sponsorship by tidying their rooms. 

The result? More space in people’s homes, and more money for your charity to continue its vital work. Win-win!


2. A comical Christmas

Christmas is the time for groan-worthy humour. So why not invite your supporters to embrace the dad jokes with some peer-to-peer fundraising ideas?

Suggestions include bad cracker joke competitions and Christmas jumper parties. Now, where have we put those flashing reindeer noses?

3. Virtual carols, socially-distanced Santa runs...

According to PayPal’s Generosity and Giving 2021 study, a third of people are worried that lockdown will disrupt in-person socialising once again this year. Only a quarter believe Christmas will be fully back to normal. 

It makes sense, then, for charities to have virtual events planned. And they can be lots of fun!

Online Christmas church services can replace collection plates with ‘donate’ buttons. Sponsored Santa runs can take place in your own area at your own pace (rope in a running mate if you’re worried about looking daft!).

With a bit of imagination, just about any Christmas tradition can go digital.

4. Hard-hitting social media campaigns

At Connect Assist, we never forget that Christmas is tough for many people: several of our helplines run throughout the festive period, day and night, supporting those in need. 

By highlighting the reality of Christmas for your service users, you can raise both awareness and funds. 

Social media gives you a low-cost platform to share hard-hitting content (anonymised, posed by actors, or with permission, of course). Quick clips filmed on smartphones can be cheap, simple, high quality – and emotive. 

If you want to take the strain off your hard-working advisors this year, contact us about our overflow contact centre services

5. Virtual gifts

The slogan ‘a dog is for life, not just for Christmas’ has been used by the Dogs’ Trust for 40+ years. So if your kids are clamouring for a puppy, but you value your lie-ins, how about sponsoring a guide dog instead?

In Guide Dogs’ Christmas TV advert for 2021, Scott explains how his canine companion has given him and his family their lives back since he experienced sight loss. A simple, uplifting message and heart-warming footage of the gorgeous dog, Milo, and equally wonderful family, make this an advert to melt hearts. 

6. TikTok fun

TikTok is made for Christmas: it’s fun, spontaneous, and lets your charity show your silly side. 

So take a look at TikTok for Good for inspiration, enlist your younger workers and supporters, and start planning your very merry Christmas video campaign. 

Just a word of warning: TikTok can be quite addictive, even for non-teens. You don’t want to miss your roast turkey because you’re busy busting out your dance moves to K-pop!

At Connect Assist, we can help you give your staff a well-deserved break this festive season. Just give us a bell or drop us an email to discuss our outsourced contact centre services.


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