Sites that offer the best charity discounts

Sites that offer the best charity discounts

24th June 2021

By Philippa Jolliffe

I love a bargain. And there are plenty of great deals to be had in the tech sector, particularly for charity clients. 

Many of the biggest tech players offer non-profits their software for free or at a hefty discount – just the boost you need after the year we’ve had.

A word of warning, though: just because something’s free, doesn’t mean it’s magic! You’ll still need to make sure this software is right for your organisation, and configure it to suit. Give us a bell or drop us a line if you need a hand. 

Productivity tools

Just about every office under the sun is powered by Microsoft 365 these days. This suite includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Sharepoint, Teams and a host of other apps you know and love. 

Not to be outdone, rival tech giant Google offers its own charity discounts. Google provides non-profits the Google Suite of office productivity tools totally gratis. Again, you’ll get web-based email, word processing, presentation and other tools at no cost to you. 

Terms and conditions apply, but exploring these options is a must for any charity keen to count the pennies. 


How’s your online presence looking these days? Does it need an overhaul? If so, take a look at Kualo, which offers free or heavily discounted website building and hosting for charities – all powered by green energy! In fact, several companies host charity websites for free or cheap as chips, so shop around to find the best one for you. 

If you’re in need of a new brand, there’s no bigger or better name in the world of design than Adobe. Charity Digital manages this scheme where you can get serious charity software discounts on its Creative Suite, which includes the flagship Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign apps.

And once you’ve got a great product to sell, it’s time to get the word out there! Google is your friend here, giving you grants for Google Ads worth several thousand pounds a month. 

Or how about an email marketing campaign? Mailchimp offers an impressive amount for free, plus a charity discount on paid plans.

Online giving

Of course, you don’t want just to save money – you want to make it too. And in the charity world, that means donations.

Fundraising platforms are a brilliant way to take money online. And many of them are free for their charity clients – like JustGiving, which has got rid of its 5% platform fee. 

Other platforms you could take a look at include: CAF Donate, Crowdfunder, and GoFundMe. They’ve all got slightly different pricing structures, so whip out the calculator before you make a decision.

Discounts for workers

Charity Worker Discounts is a scheme that promises to secure and promote great deals for charity workers, whether you’re paid or unpaid, in employment or retired.

Some of the deals it promotes are open to the general public, while others are available only to charity staff through the site.

It’s totally free to sign up and have a nosey to see what offers it’s got right now.

Contact Connect Assist

The world of tech can be a confusing one. It’s easy to get overcharged for something you could have for free. It’s even easier to make false economies by picking programmes because they’re the cheapest, not because they’re the best. 

At Connect Assist, we’ll help you sort the gems from the dregs when it comes to charity tech deals. We’ll integrate new software into your systems, and optimise it to suit your processes, staff and service users. After all, tech should be there to empower people, not make life harder.

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