Progression stories: Dani Lowe: Account Relationship Manager

Progression stories: Dani Lowe: Account Relationship Manager

31st January 2022

By Sharon James

Say hello to Dan Lowe

So how did it all begin?

As a student, Dan began working part-time in a contact centre simply because she needed to pay her rent.

But surprisingly, this stop-gap job on an army recruitment line “turned out to be quite fun – we had some really great conversations around career prospects with young people!”

After 18 months, in a team leader position contact centre She managed a sales team, as the only woman.

“It was full of unruly boys!” she says. “It gave me lots of management experience, that’s for sure.”

Operations manager

Under the mentorship of the managing director – who’s now Connect Assist’s managing director – Dan rose through the ranks.

As operations manager, she discovered a new talent.

“I got really into analysis and customer engagement,” she says. “I started presenting to customers on the reality of their campaigns, and improvement measures that could influence their results.

“It was a bit of an eye-opener for me, I never thought I’d be spending all day with my head in spreadsheet”

Connect Assist: contract manager

After a spell as head of client development, Dan came to Connect Assist as a contract manager on the Royal British Legion (RBL) account.

At first, she found Connect Assist “a small organisation I could really settle into, open to improvements and changes”

But things were rapidly changing at Connect Assist – and Dan was part of the reason why.

Data insights

She worked with accounts including The Prince’s Trust, Mind, and the British Red Cross, but says: “I knew at heart that my real interest was in problem solving and analytics, getting to the crux of how to help organisations improve their services, rather than managing teams”

“Luckily Connect Assist were considering account management positions due to the growth of the organisation,” she says. “So, I stepped into my current role, and we just started building from there.”

Connect Assist: Account Relationship Manager

Connect Assists aim was to build a consistent approach to account management, ensuring all our customers were armed with reporting on live services with the insights to show them what was coming in the future and how we could support their vision.

“We started looking into what we did really well as a standard and built upon those foundations, as well as sharing best practices with our customers”

Future vision

So,  Dan’s role involves putting the pieces of the jigsaw together.

“We’ve come a long way. I’ve now got some great relationships with our customers, talking to them about how we can support their ongoing strategy, which is just fantastic. We’ve got the results to back it up, so we can look for a future vision.

“Then we can advise on how we can support implementations and what the service might look like in 12 months’ time.”

New opportunities

Dan says her proudest moments are her everyday wins, showing customers and colleagues what they could do next.

“It’s an exciting role to be in because you can be as creative as you like. You always have customer questions that challenge you to look for new and innovative solutions”

And she’s excited about the next step of her own journey with Connect Assist, which she hopes will include other account managers working with her.

“I feel lucky to be growing with the organisation, I feel privileged in knowing that I hold part of the history of how we’ve built our account management strategy– and hopefully how we do that in the future.”

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