How to guide: Making your charity funding go further

How to guide: Making your charity funding go further

29th March 2023

By Connect Assist

It’s no secret that charities are once again facing funding uncertainty. New figures show the amount people in the UK donated to charity in 2021 was down by £600 million compared to the year before.  

The trend of fewer people giving is now established and according to the Charities Aid Foundation’s latest UK Giving research, one in eight donors are considering cutting back on or reducing donations to charities 

We’ve put together our top tips for making your charity funding go further. Small changes in your digital strategy can make a big difference.

Embrace digital

The digital world has endless opportunities for fundraising, reducing overheads, easing staff strain, and boosting efficiency. How do you start exploring the digital world, and which routes are the best to follow?

Employ Digital Assistants

Our Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) is a chatbot that answers routine queries automatically. Service users consult your digital assistant via your website, Facebook Messenger, or increasingly, by talking to it via smart speakers. ODA connects securely to your back-end systems. Using an approach like this can undoubtedly help take pressure off front line staff.

A key aspect of ODA is that it’s powered by artificial intelligence (AI). This means it learns so it can tailor its responses. And most importantly knows when it has reached the limits of its capacity, it knows to hand over to a human. 

Use Live Chat

24/7 round-the-clock service is costly but crucial. This is where Live Chat comes in. 

Live chat operator services are the modern-day solution to being on hold and can manage elevated levels of enquiry with ease, without compromising personnel capacity. 

 Financially, live chat and chatbot services are cost effective tools to help your charity reach a wider audience. The money involved in hiring, training, and paying an increasing number of customer support staff can be astronomical. Whereas a single live chat agent can be in conversation with several customers simultaneously while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction, minimising your customer service costs.

Explore Intelligent Advisors

Oracle Intelligent Advisor is another method of digital service delivery that improves customer experience for your service users whilst boosting internal efficiencies. 

Our Oracle Intelligent Advisor allows you to easily automate decisions and complex calculations within service workflows. Empowering your services users to self-serve for both simple and complex requests. It helps take away the stress of form-filling, it responds in real-time and delivers consistent results. 

Outsource your helpline

Initially outsourcing your helpline may seem daunting. However, the benefits you can gain from external services are evident. 

Outsourcing your helpline is a trusted and cost-effective solution, which can increase your accessibility, reduce the potential for client frustration and improve your customers’ outcomes.  

 You can reduce business overheads, never miss a call, increase productivity, and save money all while getting an expert telephone answering service from highly trained professionals. 

As the UK’s leading inbound outsourced helpline service, we’ve seen the improvements an outsourced helpline can have on time, budget and resources.

Want to know more about how you can make your charity funding go further? 

If you are interested in any of the services mentioned above, then don’t hesitate to contact our industry-leading charity specialists today to discuss how we can work together and make your charity thrive this year. 


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