How our company culture helps us stay one step ahead

How our company culture helps us stay one step ahead

26th October 2022

By Ron Moody

What makes one business stand out from the next? Great customer service? Of course. Being great at what you do? Certainly. Doing business differently to your competitors? Absolutely.

At Connect Assist, we go out of our way to do all those things. But what really sets us apart is our culture. Part entrepreneurial spirit. Part staying true to our values. And part sheer determination to do the right things for the right reasons.

From the moment the company launched in 2006, the aim was to create a business that provided local, social and environmental benefits. After 16 years, that vision has never changed.

It’s a simple formula. We aim to do what’s right, make sure we do it well, and learn from the things that don’t go so well. Because, no one’s perfect.

The result is a business that places people at the heart of everything it does. A business that can innovate and adapt to different situations. And a business our customers know they can trust.

Our approach to business

I feel that our approach to how we do business says a lot about us.

Essentially, everything we do centres around our four key stakeholder groups – staff, customers, community, and the environment. With every decision we make, each of those groups remain front of mind, ensuring the business stays true to its core values.

Here’s how our commitment to each group sets us apart from the competition.


When it comes to employees, the situation is pretty simple. If you don’t look after your people you end up with high turnover, lots of training requirements, and an inexperienced team. Experience is something that comes with time, and it helps a business stay at the top of its game. So you want to keep bums on seats.At Connect Assist, we want our staff to know they are valued, so we pay more than the living wage and have made employee wellbeing a priority. Because we look after our staff, we’re better placed to deliver an exceptional service. And that means we’re looking after our clients as well.


We like to think about our clients in the long term, and that means doing what’s right for the customer (within reason). So, we look after our customers, deliver what we say we’re going to deliver, and always try to exceed their expectations. And guess what? They reward us by renewing their contracts.

Something I’m incredibly proud of is our renewal rate. At 95%, I think you can see why. By making the right decisions, we retain more of our customers, grow our reputation, and increase sales and business growth in the process.

As every business leader knows, when a company grows organically, it means more jobs.


The more jobs an organisation can provide, the more of a positive impact it will make on the local community. And if those roles are permanent and meaningful – even better. It will help rubber stamp your position as a responsible employer.This is something we have done – even when the odds were against us. The pandemic created an unprecedented situation in terms of employment. But while other companies were furloughing and letting staff go, here at Connect Assist we grew our jobs by 33%. Something which had a real knock-on effect on our community.

Today our aim is to keep growing jobs, creating more opportunities for both our existing and future employees.


Which leaves just one other stakeholder on our agenda: the environment. Being eco-friendly isn’t something you should do because you want to grow the business. You do it because it is the right thing to do.Every business’ eco-credentials are going to look different – but all should be designed for the good of the planet. At Connect Assist we’re involved in a range of eco-activities – from litter picking to running helplines for environmental causes. We also make sure our policies are green: all staff (from admin to directors) using public transport when travelling to meetings.

These four stakeholder groups bring with them a strong company culture. And it’s that collective culture that attracts people and completes the stakeholder circle.

The value of social value

Every business knows what it wants to achieve. For Connect Assist, that’s running services and providing support that improve people’s lives.

Which is why we try to do business with organisations that incorporate social value into everything they do. We’ve deliberately kept true to our roots and stayed within the charity, not-for-profit and government sector.

Even after becoming part of Maximus, we’ve still been able to maintain our goal of creating a culture that improves people’s lives and works for the good of society.

By offering a transformational service on behalf of clients that have social value, we stand out from all the other contact centres in the UK. 

Do you want to work for – or do business with – a company that shares the same values as you? Get in touch and let’s see what we can achieve together.


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