Boosting efficiencies for charities through digital

Boosting efficiencies for charities through digital

15th February 2021

By Qariem Radix

Is your charity seeking to address the twin challenges of rising demand and decreasing funding? Are you considering how you can enhance your digital service delivery?

If so, we’d like to introduce you to two ground-breaking digital technologies that are already enabling charities to boost their efficiency, ease strain on staff, and enhance provision for service users.

So, what can Oracle Digital Assistant and Oracle Intelligent Advisor do for your charity?

What is Oracle Digital Assistant?

First up is the Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA). Put simply, it’s a chatbot that connects securely to your back-end systems to answer routine queries. Customers consult your digital assistant via your website, Facebook Messenger, or increasingly, by talking to it via smart speakers.

Oracle Digital Assistant

But the ODA is so much more than a chatbot. It’s powered by artificial intelligence (AI), meaning it actually learns so that it can tailor its responses.

It also uses natural language processing to communicate in a conversational manner with your customers.

And importantly, when the ODA has reached the limits of its capacity, it knows to hand over to a human.

Chatbots in action

This means that clients with straightforward, transactional queries get faster responses than if they have to wait on hold for an advisor. But those who need complex or emotional support can still receive an empathetic, human service.

At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Calderdale Council quickly reconfigured its chatbot to answer routine questions about leisure centre closures. It proved able to answer 88% of questions, freeing up advisors at this hugely pressurised time.

Calderdale Council subsequently used its chatbot for queries about waste services, too.


What is Oracle Intelligent Advisor?

Another method of digital service delivery that saves both customers and organisations time is Oracle Intelligent Advisor, sometimes called by its former name, Oracle Policy Automation (OPA).

Intelligent Advisor is a powerful decision automation tool that can be programmed with information about policies, grants or other rules.

It powers online application forms and benefit calculators, enabling users to fill in their information accurately and discover their eligibility quickly. Forms become dynamic, showing users only those questions that are relevant to them and thereby reducing time and confusion.

Again, it uses cutting edge technology such as natural language processing to ensure a user-friendly experience, reducing frustrations for your clients and pressure on your caseworkers.

The data collected can also be fed into back-end systems and turned into actionable tasks for staff. Like all Oracle products, it is highly secure.

Intelligent Advisor in action

Connect Assist operates a First Response Centre on behalf of central government contract. We have created 25 web forms using Intelligent Advisor that dynamically respond to the information provided by applicants.

In the first month since going live, the forms were used 200 times. This freed up our 100 advisors to provide more targeted support. 


Oracle Intelligent Advisor

ODA and Intelligent Advisor: a winning combination

Even better, these two technologies feed into one another to enhance your charity’s overall digital service delivery.

The chatbot can signpost users to the correct form or calculator, while the Intelligent Advisor can ensure that your organisation receives the information it needs to action a request.

Either way, both your charity and your clients will benefit, as services become more efficient and caseworkers can dedicate their time and skills to providing in-depth, tailored support.

At Connect Assist, we have years of expertise in designing excellent digital service delivery.

We can work with you on designing and configuring an ODA and an Intelligent Adviser to streamline your services, boost your charity’s efficiency, and enhance your provision for clients.

Contact us today to discuss how we can work together. 



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