6 reasons why Digital Assistants should become part of your contact centre

6 reasons why Digital Assistants should become part of your contact centre

1st June 2023

By Connect Assist

Developing your digital strategy is a key when it comes to creating a successful contact centre.   

A report commissioned by DCMS found that around 15% of UK businesses (totalling 432,000) have adopted at least one AI technology. 2% are currently piloting AI and 10% plan to adopt at least one AI technology in the future. 

Are Digital Assistants part of your contact centre? There are plenty of reasons why your organisation should think about using them.  

What is a Digital Assistant?

Firstly, we need to explain what a Digital Assistant is. 

A Digital Assistant, also known as a Chatbot, is an artificial intelligence software that produces simulated human conversation to those who need help. 

They’re often regarded as one of the most advanced uses of technology for contact centre efficiency. Chatbots are now used across all industries and sectors to save time and money. 

At Connect Assist, we use the Oracle Digital Assistant platform that operates through several conversational interfaces, including Facebook Messenger, Amazon Echo, and Google Home, making it an easy-to-use tool for today’s service users. The advantages can be endless. Here we outline our top six: 

1. Lower your costs

Using Digital Assistants can save your organisation money, no matter its size. 

The cost of hiring, training and salaries for contact centre agents can be expensive unlike a digital assistant. 

With just one investment to consider, the extra costs involved with Digital Assistants are low. 

After the initial set up, your only worry is checking for security and improvements. This frees up capital for other investment opportunities in the future. 

2. Limitless scalability for a better/faster service

Time is a crucial part of customer service. Your customers’ time matters, and you want to show that you value their journey with your organisation.  

Digital assistants such as the Oracle chatbot, provide human-like communication at a much faster speed, allowing your customers great customer service in a fraction of the time. A human phone operator can deal with one person at a time, chatbot on the other hand can supply answers to thousands of people at any given moment.  

Another huge advantage is the quality of answers provided. 

Chatbots answers cannot fluctuate in accuracy or time. For example, where a human operator could get confused or take longer to find the correct information, these variables are removed with a chatbot. 

3. 24/7 availability

Nowadays, your contact centre needs to be available 24/7. Being on hold or given a number in a large wait queue can be a fatal blow for new or existing stakeholders. You don’t just want to keep up with your competition, but ensure you stand out from it. 

Chatbots require little to no monitoring when at work. So, if they’re programmed properly to answer the queries likely to come in, your services can always be reached in some capacity.  

When it comes to improving customer service satisfaction, this is one of the biggest benefits to utilising Digital Assistants and can help make sure you never miss those all-important inbounds. 

4. Machine Learning and utilising data

Machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence that uses algorithms to learn from the data it processes. This can be used in several ways by digital assistants. 

Using the Oracle cloud digital assistant our chatbots collect and analyse data, using machine learning to improve the customer experience and enables your organisation to gain real-time insights for continuous improvement.  

An example would be to analyse the search terms that customers use when self-serving on your website. This enables you to adjust the information available, so it’s easier to find and answers questions. 

Another example is to analyse data from customer service interactions, make real-time insights, and predict future results to continuously improve your customer journey. 

5. Increase reach

Spending prolonged periods on the phone with a representative or waiting for an email back can be a tedious process. It could steer away your potential leads, customers, or contributors,  especially if their query is small and simple.  

Tailoring your communications channels to suit a wider range of people will naturally mean a wider range of people are likely to engage with your service. Chatbots answer customer questions as soon as a message is sent. They supply better customer service more consistently than a human operator. 

With increasing ways to communicate, preferences of communication styles are also increasing. So the more options you give people to engage with your organisation, the more likely they are to do so.

6. Improve efficiency

Chatbots improve efficiency for your organisation by enabling customers to find the answers they need quickly. 

A Digital Assistant allows you to easily automate decisions and complex calculations within service workflows, while empowering customers to self-serve for both simple and complex requests.   

This automation approach frees up valuable time for your frontline staff to work on other important tasks where a human is always needed, Meanwhile, your customers receive a fast, no-fuss resolution to their queries improving customer satisfaction. 

In 2022 it was predicted that 70% of customer interactions will involve technologies such as machine learning, chatbots and mobile messaging – this is up from 15% in 2018.


At Connect Assist, we believe firmly in the power of technology with a human touch. If you are interested in any of our Digital Assistant services outlined above, then Contact us today to find out how we can help you.




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